Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Weekend to check off my "Wish List"

 This past weekend, I was able to check off one of the very top of my "Wish List" items!
 I met my #ArtGoddessIdol, GwenLafleur;actually took two classes with her,taught by her~
 both "Angels and Icons" and "Mini journal Mayhem"
as well as,was able to meet in real life #IRL two of my Tribe mates,
Jill McDowell of Infinite Possibilities and Linda Edkins Wyatt of LindaEdkinsWyattBlogspot

It seems as though the four of us have known each other forever-we all agreed on that! So to spend this time together,well it was just Amazing!

 Gwen is a fabulous teacher(and not because I am a bit biased)LOL
 As she demonstrates,you can actually feel the inspiration circling around everyone and the creativity bubbling over! Cool right?!! I am still reeling from the weekend!
 These are Gwen's examples of "Angels and Icons",our class for the first day
Gwen was inspired to create this class from the many trips around the world she has taken, especially when she visited Russia and the Ukraine and experienced the beautiful shrines and churches filled with religious icons.
                                           These are Absolute Gorgousness on a canvas!

Above is our table ,Jill, Linda, another gal Nancy and myself-we kinda spread out when we work!   there was no way another would ever fit at this table! LOL
 My piece is the one in the foreground, work in progress...I'll share again when it is finished!")

                                                             AND... Now for some exciting news!
 Gwen announced to us on the first day,about the release of her brand new stamp line designed by her and made by PaperArtsy- in the UK!

Some of Gwen's stamps are based on her stencils, while others are new designs. Each and every one of these,in my opinion is out of this word marvelous! And... she could not have picked a better stamp company to produce her line. PaperArtsy's quality material and producers enable Gwen's highly detailed stamps to print perfectly in all of their glory! (guess I kinda like them huh?!heehee)
                                           how can you not love these designs!
                                              Available now at PaperArtsy !

The second day, Gwen taught us the class "Mini Journal Mayhem"

The classes were held in The Papercraft Clubhouse in Connecticut,to which we traveled. 
We rented a little cottage and were able to bring Chum along. And when they weren't out walking,Rile was hitting up garage sales! Fun for All!

Mary,above in pink,was one of the Papercraft Clubhouse "personal shoppers" as we called her!  If we needed or wanted a supply or paint from the store upstairs, Mary would get it for us- talk about being waited on! Tracie, the Clubhouse owner was super gracious and so sweet and Mary and Jonah were awesome at helping us with all of our needs.

 We all listened attentively while Gwen explained her details and instructions for creating the journals, so much color and yumminess of products!

and here below are our day 2 tablemates, Nancy on the left, Karenliz Henderson,many of you may know from Google and Jill McDowell.
Jill,Nancy and I took the two days of classes and Nancy, Jill, and Karenliz all live right in Connecticut so travel was easy for them!

A few pages in my Mini Journal Mayhem book, I was glad to complete a couple of them! Will share more along the way!

 And on Saturday we said our goodbyes but have already started planning our next get together with Gwen our leader and her Tribe. Jill, Linda, Lynda Shoup, Sandee Setliff and myself! What a weekend that will be!!  I miss my Tribees so much already!

Chum wanted to do selfies all the way home...
silly dog!

 So happy you came by and left a note!
 I've missed you all and am thankful for your support <3 
 If you have had a hard time finding my blog, you were not alone! Seems, since I stopped paying for it through Go Daddy, and went back with Blogger, my name had to be changed, so it is now Creatingwithcrayons-JackiePNeal
they have removed the without and just left with. 
I'm ok with that for now, hoping to build a website, we'll see, but I will be sure to let you know! Thanks for hanging in there with me! I'll be by to see you soon! 
 hugs & love,Jackie ")


sirkkis said...

Hello Jackie!
You really have had great time together, I see. And wonderful art was created.
Great that your blog is back again!
See you later again,
Hugs xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous projects and what a treat for you! I recognised Karenliz in the photos! Chum is just a best - he should be in Hollywood! xx

Gerda said...

I see you have had loads of fun.
The projects are absolutely beautiful to see.
I see nice stamps I need to buy.❤️

Tracie L said...

Awww silly Chum!

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

❤️❤️❤️❤️ it was so great to FINALLY meet you and Gwen and have a day of art! I wish I could have been there Saturday though

Gwen Lafleur said...

So fun to meet in person and hang out all weekend! It was definitely worth it, even with all the behind the scenes craziness. Hope we get to play again soon!

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Yay! I love your creativity and reading your process and workshop fun!! This made for a happy Sunday morning.

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

(((Jackie))) it looks like you had a fantastic time with Gwen and the girls, what a lucky lady you are. I must admit I squealed a little then squealed a little bit more when I saw Gwen had released those PaperArtsy sets. They are on my wish list but sadly there has been little time for creativity recently. Hoping Autumn/Fall with blow some inspiration my way.
Sending Light & love your way Big Hugs Tracey xx

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Gwen is wonderful, and I am so glad you could go and enjoy yourself. LOVE the pages, and I know you are busy creating more. Thanks for stopping by recently...appreciate you.

butterfly said...

What a joyous thing to not only meet up with your idol but play for a whole weekend together, and to meet some tribe members in real life too. It looks as though you had a riotously creative time - with colour and design all lighting up the days, as well as lots of love and laughter. So pleased to see your blog back up and running!
Alison x

aimarii said...

You have had very great time and art is going on again.
Cum is not silly dog, never. I think she/he is so sweet.